NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera
NTE390W Digital Ear Camera


NTE390W Digital Ear Camera

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Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera

Anykit 3.9mm WiFi Ear Scope Inspection Camera with 6 Adjustable LED Lights and Earwax Cleaning Tool, Compatible with iPhone, iPad & Android Smart Phones

If you wanna know whether your ear get over wax or infections, with Anykit WiFi otoscope around, you could save time and money by checking it by yourself at home.
Anykit WiFi otoscope designed with a 0.15 inch diameter, makes it available to check eardrum through narrow ear canal unobstructedly. Great for use on small children complaining of an ear ache.
The 720P HD ear scope camera has 6 adjustable lighting around the tip to light any area you wish to see, help you see better and remove earwax more completely and safely. You can save photos and videos and send to your doctor for a quick and easy professional consultation, save a lot of trips to the doctor.
Easy to use —— Just scan the QR on the back of the otoscope to download an app and that's it.This ear camera is plug and play from your phone to set up. Connect your phone to otoscope wifi which show as an unavailable network, Run the App, then you can view image in the preview area. (Apply for iPhone,iPad and Android smartphone).
This wireless otoscope comes with removable tips ear removal tool and specula that can be cleaned after use so you can use it on the whole family.

Anykit committed to high quality product development and production, pursuing constantly innovation, our mission is to provide the best shopping experience. 

This wireless otoscope connects to phone via wifi so there are not extra cords in the way.

With this otoscope, you can take pictures or video while exploring the ear canal or nasal passage, great for tracking infections or to send a pic to the doctor.


Only support iOS 8.0+iPhone/iPad and Android 4.0+ device

NOT support MacBook, Windows PC

How to Use

  • Download and install the [wifi image] software for your device,Just scan the QR on the back of the otoscope;
  • Connect you device to the otoscope via [WiFi_Endoscope_xxxx];
  • Run the installed App, that's it .


  • Please adjust the brightness of the LED lights to prevent glare.
  • The focal length is fixed at 2-3cm, Please adjust the distance between the camera lens and your ear to get focused if you can not see the image clearly.
  • Ear canal is not perfectly straight, please gently pull the top of your ear up and back to help viewing your eardrum easily.
  • Please keep the camera clean to avoid blurry image.