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NTE430 USB Digital Otoscope with Camera

by Anykit
Original price ¥4,200 - Original price ¥4,200
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¥4,200 - ¥4,200
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USB Otoscope Camera
The Anykit NTE430 digital otoscope is a 2nd generation digital USB otoscope camera for inspecting the ear, nose, or throat via a USB, Micro-USB, or USB-C connection to an Android, Windows, or Mac OSX (Not iOS) device. This is one of our simplest and least expensive USB otoscopes, while still delivering high-quality photos or video.

Check Your Ear on Your Own-If you feel your ear pain, itching, or some foreign body in your ear, use this otoscope quickly to check your ear, and view the image instantly on your Android phone or computer. This Model DO NOT support iPhone or iPad!!!
0.17inch Diameter Camera -Teslong is proud to make one of the smallest otoscope camera in the industry. This otoscope also has overheated protection, even after a long use.
1 inch Focal Length -The 2cm / 1 inch fixed focal length makes it easier to check eardrum and ear canal. Be sure to adjust the distance between camera and auditory meatus for best pictures.
Earwax Removal Tools -Adopt transparent optical refraction design, 6 adjustable led lights provide a clearer image and more outstanding color reproduction no matter how dark the ear is. Earwax Removal Tools with soft materials and custom-fit angle for maximum cleaning result and scratch resistant.
IP67 Waterproof -Improved waterproof technology makes cleaning the otoscope easier, with water or alcohol.




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