STARVAL Digital Radio
STARVAL Digital Radio
STARVAL Digital Radio
STARVAL Digital Radio
STARVAL Digital Radio


STARVAL Digital Radio

Sale price$45.99
STARVAL Digital Radio , Portable Shortwave Radios, Rechargeable Battery Powered AM FM Radio, SBass Speaker,Mini Radio with Best Reception
  • Hifi Sound Effect: The Portable RadioBuilt-in High-Quality Speakers, Ensuring clear Bass Audio Experience, Besides The Radio equipped with rechargeable battery,Battery can last about 10 Hours ,You can enjoy the music as much as you like either indoor or outdoor.
  • Shortwave reception tips: extending the antenna can significantly improve shortwave reception;keep away from indoor fluorescent lamps, computers, TVs, wifi, etc; avoid listening to shortwave in thunderstorms.
  • Product Accessories:1 x STARVAL Digital Radio, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x External Antenna, 1 x English Manual,  Timely Customer Service.


Portable radio:
High-capacity radio with stand and hand strap;  you can take it for morning exercise with the hand strap;
Enjoy a piece of brisk music or a great small radio show by the portable radio.

Telescopic antenna:
This portable radio has a great reception to receive stations;  long telescopic antenna ensures a ultra strong stable radio signal.

Please Note:
Charging indicator.  When charging, it is in red color;  when fully charged, will turn green color
During charging, AC current may affect the reception of radio signals.  It is therefore not recommended to use the radio when charging.
If you cannot turn off the speaker when you connect the headset, pull out the plug slightly.  If it still does not work, use a headset without a microphone.